3 Tips To Follow After Your Child's ADHD Diagnosis

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3 Tips To Follow After Your Child's ADHD Diagnosis

When your child is diagnosed with ADHD, it is most likely a bit of a relief. After all, everything from their need for a lot of structure to their need for a bit more help with executive functioning tasks all makes more sense once there is an official diagnosis. With the right support and educational resources, your child can thrive emotionally and academically. Here are a few tips to incorporate into your family's plan after the initial diagnosis:

Become as Educated as Possible

When you have a better understanding of how ADHD works and how it affects the way your child interacts with the world, it is much easier to know the best ways to parent them. Luckily, there are many resources available for parents of children with ADHD, including books, websites, and even local support groups. Your child's doctor may also refer you to a child psychologist or ADHD specialist, who will serve as an invaluable resource and source of support for you and your child. Understanding a child with ADHD sometimes takes some outside reading and research.

Create Systems at Home

Children with ADHD tend to become overwhelmed more easily, and they can really thrive when there are easy-to-follow, organized systems in place at home. Their bedroom and study space should be uncluttered and organized. You may want to help them create a simple folder organization system for their homework.

A chart on the wall with a simple list of their weekly or daily responsibilities is also a great idea, especially if the chart also incorporates a few rewards for meeting their responsibilities. For example, perhaps they earn a sticker or magnet every time they clean their room, complete their homework without you having to ask, and brush their teeth before bed. Once they earn a certain number of stickers or magnets, they get to watch their favorite TV show, go to the skatepark with their friends, or pick out a new book or toy.

Focus on Building Your Children Up

There are many negative stereotypes and incorrect beliefs about children with ADHD, and in order to counteract these, it is important to help build your child's self-esteem and feelings of confidence. Make sure to give them a lot of praise when they work hard, follow the systems you've built together, and make improvements.

ADHD also tends to come with a lot of positive traits that should be celebrated, including creativity, spontaneity, and being fun to be around. Pointing out your child's strengths on a regular basis will help them feel more comfortable with their ADHD diagnosis.

By working closely with professionals in the ADHD field and becoming as educated as possible about ADHD, you and your child will more easily cope with their ADHD diagnosis.

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