Reasons To Insist That Your Adopted Child Goes To A Two-Parent Household

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Reasons To Insist That Your Adopted Child Goes To A Two-Parent Household

The ability to stipulate several criteria is one of the important details to consider when you plan to place your child with an adoption agency. There are several things to think about, and an agency representative will help to guide you through this process. Because you can request that your child goes to a certain type of situation, you'll have the choice of the child being placed in a two-parent household or with a single parent. While there are lots of single people who would make capable parents, there are several reasons to strongly consider requesting that your child goes to a two-parent household. Here are three of those reasons:

There's More Stability

Although individual situations can always vary, you'll commonly find that two-parent household provides more stability than a household with a single parent. One important detail in this regard is that the couple will ideally have a stable marriage. When you place your child with a single person, he or she may have a string of significant others, including some that may temporarily live in the house. This environment can be hectic and is often less ideal than one with two parents and a high degree of stability.

There's More Time With A Parent

Unless a single person who chooses to adopt is independently wealthy, the reality is that he or she will need to work. This means that if such an individual were to adopt your child, the child would be with a babysitter for much of the time, at daycare, or even alone at home once he or she is older. While these situations might not be the end of the world, they're not as ideal as being in the company of a parent. When your child goes to a two-parent household, he or she will spend more time with at least one parent.

The Family May Be Better Off

Two-parent households often have two earners (or one earner with a high income), and this means that it's often the case that a two-parent household has a higher financial worth than a one-person household. You want your child to be in the best environment possible, and one with enough money is often ideal. For example, this will ensure that your child receives the comforts that he or she needs and that you may not have been able to provide, such as clothing, toys, adequate nutrition, eventual post-secondary education, and more.

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